About My Phones Gone

At myphonesgone.com we understand what it means to purchase a reliable product at a competitive price.  We started in the wholesale cellular phone industry in 1996, selling phones to retail stores.  We have continued to succeed in a highly competitive market because of an old saying, “the customer comes first”.  We believed it then, and now more than ever.

In these times we have come to rely heavily on our phones, not just for enjoyment but also as a vital work tool.  Knowing this we decided to start a website where people can take advantage of the discounted cellular phone prices that we have only offered to retail stores.   We want our customers to have the ability to click a link, place an order and within a day or two have a phone back in their hand.

All of our phones are thoroughly tested through our 20 point testing process.  The description we place on our phones is what you will receive.   We sell what we say and stand by it.  All of our phones come with a 30-day warranty.

We invite all of our customers to reach out at any time to ask a question or just say hello.


Thank you for your patronage!